Bicycle Helmets – How Good Are They?

Whether you are cycling on your local street or commuting to work in your metropolis bicycle helmets are a necessary accessory. While the usual excuse is that most bikers are riding too slowly for anything to occur, it is very important to know that wearing a bicycle helmet can lessen the likelihood of serious head injury for most bicycle riders by up to fifty per cent. A bicycle helmet is not like a baseball cap that’s meant to be tossed aside after a game or worn during traffic. You should be wearing a helmet every time you leave home for any length of time.

Bicycle helmets that you can purchase are numerous and you have to know which one will be best for you. Many studies have been conducted to test the best helmet for cycling and these studies have proven there are several types of bicycle helmets that are considered the best. Bicycle helmets, while protective, should also fit well and not be too tight or loose. Some designs are made for women and some are designed for men but most cycling helmets nowadays are made for both genders. These cycling helmets are made to protect your head from various road debris and collisions with other road users, like cars and trucks.

Safety Rating

The three main helmet safety rating systems are certified by the Department of Transportation. These are the safety helmets certified by the CPSC, which stands for the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Another is the Snell Memorial Foundation, which tests and inspects every helmet before they are sold. They rate helmets on a scale of one to ten for safety. One is the lowest and ten is the highest.

When choosing a bicycle helmet, you must choose one that fits comfortably as this will keep your head safe even if you feel the coldest part of your body when wearing the helmet. The helmet’s fit system should fit snugly without spilling down over your chin and neck. When choosing a helmet that does not fit correctly, you can always consult a friend or family member to help you.

Other Features

A spherical or ventilated bicycle helmet allows a reasonable amount of ventilation when worn. The vents are usually located at the rear of the headgear. .

bicycle helmet

The best feature of the MIPS spherical bicycle helmet is its fit system. Most of these helmets have large vents that are located in the rear of the helmets. If there is not a proper fit system, your head will get overheated because it cannot breathe properly. The vents allow air inside and keep you cool.

Best Helmets

The Fox Racing Team road helmet is one of the best helmets on the market today. The helmet features three vents along with the bigger eps vents in the back. These vents give a lot of airflow to the rider and keep his or her head cool during a high-speed ride.

Epping my heated windshield is also a feature of the Fox Racing Team road bike helmets. This allows me to enjoy cycling even more without getting too hot. I still want to get the same amount of ventilation that I would get from the vents in my cycling jacket. But since the vents are located on the sides of my head, I can’t see them very well when I’m cycling. This is why my head tends to fog up during a ride. I think that the Epping visor is a great feature because it keeps my head nice and cool during a great cycling trip.

Choosing The Best Bike Lock

A bicycle lock is an extremely important security device used to stop bicycle theft, particularly by untrained individuals who may be able to steal a bicycle even if it has a locked bicycle lock. Bicycle locks are normally created with a combination of tools including a lock bolt, a deadbolt, a knob, and a seal. In many cases, bicycle locks have been designed with a dial that allows users to choose a strength between a weak and a strong lock. Most locks can be reset to allow access from a wide variety of different keys.

Types of Locks

A bicycle lock and chain can be used as one part of a general bike security system. U-locks are very popular in preventing bicycle thefts due to their ease of use. The most commonly used u-lock is the flat type that is available in many local bike stores. These types of locks are very simple to install, and they offer very good security against a bicycle thief.

Other types of u-locks include the chain-drive u-lock which is similar to a regular bicycle lock but it uses a chain-driven mechanism rather than a key. Other types include the keyless bicycle lock, deadbolt lock, and pin lock. One drawback of a keyless type of bicycle lock is that it can be easily disabled by drilling a small hole in the lock’s casing. On the other hand, it provides excellent security and can withstand a lot of force.

In addition to preventing bicycle thefts, a lock can also prevent bicycles from being stolen from storage facilities. Thieves prefer to steal from locked up storage facilities where it is nearly impossible to get inside. A bike storage facility will often only have a single type of lock setup, the master bicycle lock. This type of lock requires a combination of codes to be accessed by authorized personnel.

Other Popular Types

Bike chains are another way to prevent bicycle thefts. These devices are sometimes known as bicycle chain locks or cable locks. They are mounted on both the handlebars and the wheels of a bicycle. Many people prefer to use cable locks because they do not provide the same level of security as bike locks. Cable locks also need to frequently replace the cabling between the bicycle’s wheels. Bike chains also tend to be a little bit more expensive than u-locks.

bicycle lock

One of the newest forms of bicycle security technology is the combination lock. These combination locks are mounted on the frame of a bicycle. They require a passcode to open, but they provide excellent security. A combination lock works with one or two different keys. A cable lock usually requires three to six keys.

When choosing the best bike lock, it is important to consider the risk level of each available option. The riskiest option is the u-lock. U-locks can be installed in many places including public facilities and on the premises of retail stores. If a business owner is concerned about customers removing their bicycles to store them, u-locks are a great way to prevent this from happening. The risk of theft from a u-lock is usually not as high as some other options. However, if a bicycle is left unattended for any period, a thief could break in and steal the bicycle.

Security measures on the bicycle are only as good as the precautions that are taken to protect them. A good lock is a good lock. Cycling is a fun and healthy way to get around town. It takes a little bit of work to secure all of the bicycles that riders own. Keeping a bicycle safe is important, but no effort is worth losing a bicycle to thieves.

Start Your Own Bicycle Repair Business

A bicycle repair shop can often be a good source of secondary income for those who are skilled with their hands and passionate about bicycles. But quickly changing technological trends and rapidly increasing population demands will require even more business owners to carefully plan to survive. A bicycle repair guide can be an invaluable asset when it comes to establishing a business in this field. For those who have the entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to work with others, a bicycle repair station can offer much-needed business opportunities and a solid place to start on the road to success.


To be successful, you must educate yourself first. It doesn’t hurt, to begin with, basic bicycle repair knowledge and then branch out from there as your business grows. If you’re just starting with no experience, try to pick up a few of the simple tools that you’ll need for bicycle repair as you go along. Some of the most common repair jobs include changing flat tires, installing new tires, replacing tubes and chains, and assembling components (tires, chains, etc. ).

Once you’ve learned enough about bicycle repair, you can take what you’ve learned and ventured out on your own. There are plenty of opportunities for people with bicycle repair skills and a love for riding to start small and expand their business with small start-up budgets. Many cities have bicycle repair shops that are open twenty-four hours a day and are happy to help local cyclists with simple maintenance tasks that can be frustrating without professional mechanics. It can also be advantageous to do some freelance work at first, such as testing bicycle tires. Once you build up a reputation, you can branch out into more complex repairs and more mainstream business opportunities.

Developing Skills

If you want to take your bicycle repair skills to the next level, there is another option. You can find many online courses that will teach you how to repair bikes. These programs range from the fairly cheap and quick E-Book “How to Fix Your Own Bike” to a much more comprehensive and expensive professional course length program. Before committing to any course length, it’s important to check out the program length and see if it’s the best choice for you.

bicycle repair

Basic knowledge of bicycle repair is always beneficial no matter what your experience. A great place to learn about basic repairs is the “Barnett bicycle Institute”. The entire program is designed around repair skills. While the subject matter may seem a little specialized, the curriculum is designed with the novice in mind. With classes offered both in the United States and internationally, the Barnett bicycle institute has earned worldwide recognition.

For a nominal fee, students can learn to repair bicycles. For those who do not feel comfortable learning to repair their bicycle, a more expensive option is provided at the American Motorcyclist Association’s website. With a more comprehensive approach, the program provides information and videos on many topics relating to bicycle repair skills. Many of the videos are available for free as well, but additional training may be required.

There are many resources available online to help you find a way to start your bicycle repair services. If you have the ability and some entrepreneurial spirit, you could offer mobile bicycle repair services to individuals or companies for a fee. You may also offer on-site bicycle repair services at events or local community events. With a little research and a determined attitude, it is possible to open your own bicycle repair business and enjoy a successful career.

Bicycle Insurance – Bike Protection Made Simple

Are you looking for the best bicycle insurance deal? If you are like many people you may be considering purchasing one but maybe you aren’t sure where to start. When it comes to bicycle insurance what is a more cost-effective deal? Even if you have to pay a little bit more for bicycle insurance coverage, there is a strong chance that you will save money in the long run.

Simple Tips

Mountain bike insurance from SPOKE is for the times when you ride alone, single track or with a small group of friends. SPOKE has you protected for downhill or cross country adventures. But no matter what your style of riding, whether you ride with a team or go alone, SPOKE bicycle insurance will keep you covered should you hit a rock, go down a hill or even accidentally swerve into a ditch. You will receive a claim for a maximum coverage amount minus your deductible. You can also find special deals that include travel insurance as well.

One of the best bicycle insurance deals around is from the British Wheel of Fortune. This provider offers both standard coverage and a discount code for cycling UK. The combination of a good price, a great service and a useful discount code makes British Wheel of Fortune the best bicycle insurance you can find. This provider also offers a very useful telephone and delivery service and this is something that they are very proud of.


Insurance companies have designed policies to keep bicycle insurance affordable. While they don’t always cover everything, at least they cover most costs for damages to your bicycle, other people and property. Standard bicycle insurance covers you for liability and your bicycle, theft, third party injuries and damage to your car if you’re hit by someone with a bicycle.

bicycle insurance

Bicyclists also need to know about what is covered and how their insurers handle the situation. First, all insurers will provide some level of bicycle insurance. This coverage is usually called personal injury protection, but it can also be called liability coverage. This type of coverage covers the cost of repairs to your bicycle if it’s stolen or vandalized. Liability coverage varies between different insurers, so you’ll want to check with your existing insurer to see what their limits are and what they consider an ‘average’ theft.


When you’re looking for bicycle insurance compare prices but remember that quality doesn’t necessarily mean a high price tag. There are many low-cost insurance options available today. Many insurers have special programs for college students and others who make use of a bicycle for work purposes on school campuses. Check with your employer and see if you qualify for any discounts. In general, the best deal on bicycle insurance isn’t always the highest price tag; in some cases, it might be cheaper to have no bicycle insurance at all.

Before shopping for bicycle insurance you should have a good idea of what types of bikes you typically ride. If you only use your bicycle to go to the gym or the office you won’t need very expensive insurance. However, if you take part in any kind of sports you might need to protect yourself against liability for damages to your equipment. You should talk to a home insurance agent to determine which types of bicycles are covered under your home insurance policy and what kinds of sports equipment are not covered.

Tips For Choosing the Right Bicycle Gear

Bicycling is an ideal exercise for cardiovascular fitness, which makes bicycle gear adjustments necessary at regular intervals. These changes are simple enough for anyone to make. Some basic parts need to be in proper working order. Below is a basic summary for changing bicycle gear parts. Shift the bicycle gears in reverse order. Use only the left-hand shifts to regulate the front gears; use the right-hand shifts to regulate the back gears as well.

Down-stroke (or reverse gear-up) into the front gear to make the bicycle gear up. Up-stroke (or forward gear-up) into the back gear to reverse the bicycle gear-up. Reverse pedal stroke for one gear up then for the other to complete up to a full reverse pedal stroke.

Gear Ratios

Bicycle tires and wheels are fitted to the bicycle for support and traction. The bicycle gear ratio tells you how many wheels are under full pressure on each of the pedals. To know the bicycle gear ratio, multiply the pedals’ crank length by 2.5: the closer to the rim the greater the ratio of the front wheel to the rear wheel is.

Bicycles have three main bicycle gears: the chain, the saddle and the pedals. There are several types of bicycle gear: low gear, high gear and full-service all-purpose. Low gear means lower front tire pressure and increased resistance while high gear increases front tire pressure and lowers resistance. Full-service all-purpose bicycle gears provide a complete range of bicycle gears from the smallest to the most powerful.


A major component in determining the bicycle gear is the sprocket teeth. Sprockets, which have two sets of teeth, are used to produce torque, which is the bicycle’s strength. Smaller sprockets have a single set of teeth. Larger sprockets have a double set of teeth.

One of the bicycle gear that is most often changed or is the easiest to change is the bicycle’s pedals. The type of pedal determines its function. There are two types of pedals: the pedal used for climbing, and the one used for coasting. For easier maintenance, it is advisable to choose the smallest chainring and the most durable steel pedal.

bicycle gear

The gear shift is also a key factor to consider when choosing your bicycle gear. It means that when you need to change from one gear to another, all you have to do is shift the gear to the higher or lower gears, depending on which pedalling function you require. Most of the bicycles have this gear shift mechanism, which allows only one pedalling function, regardless of which wheel is on flat ground.

Choosing the Parts

One more factor to be considered in choosing the bicycle gear is the terrain. Low gear bikes are best for downhill, while the high gear bicycle is best for flat ground. On the flat ground, all gears are going to perform the same, and all are equally useful. When you are pedalling uphill, however, the bicycle gear ratios between the bicycle chainrings and the pedal pedals change dramatically. The bicycle gearing between the smallest chainring and the largest chainring is going to be the strongest. The bicycle gear, which is the weakest will provide you with the least resistance, while the bicycle gear which is the strongest will provide you with the greatest force to go uphill.

Another important thing to keep in mind, when choosing the bicycle gear you need, is that it should not be more or less than necessary. If you are going to climb hills, for example, you can use bigger bicycle gear, since hills tend to be steeper. However, if you are going to go downhill, you should choose bicycle gear which provides you with the greatest force to push yourself uphill.

There are lots of options available to choose bicycle gear-up. The most popular bicycle gear-up option is the standard bicycle gear-up, which allows you to just start cycling without any extra equipment. You just put on the standard bicycle gear-up, lock the front wheel in place, and you’re ready to go. However, this can be a bit inconvenient, as it’s difficult to start cycling with your new gear-up. Furthermore, the standard bicycle gear-up is the least efficient, as it limits your climbing ability.

If you wish to enjoy road cycling, you should invest in a bicycle road map, which shows you the bicycle path ahead. This will allow you to plan on where you need to go and avoid getting lost. A road map will also allow you to find your way back to the starting point, should you lose your way. The most useful feature of a road map is that it shows you the best time to reach your destination, as well as the longest path you have to travel. It makes planning for bicycle touring much easier. The maps also usually have road markings to indicate the direction you are currently facing, which means you won’t get lost.

Bicycle Accessories For Kids – Brand Name Suggestions

When it comes to bicycle accessories what is available for kids and what is available for adults? Bicycles come in many different sizes and shapes, they have different types of suspension and tires, and they require specific bicycle accessories for safety and functionality. There is a wide variety of bicycle accessories for kids. Some are designed for safety, like bicycle helmets, and others are just for fun and style. Here is a look at some of the more popular bicycle accessories for kids.


When it comes to bicycle accessories for kids there are two very important items. One item that many parents consider essential is a bicycle helmet. Helmets for riding are designed to protect the rider’s head and to keep it from hitting the ground during a fall. Some have padding to absorb the shock of an impact, some have mouth guards to prevent cuts and scrapes, and some are fully enclosed with shells that protect the ears and face in case of a fall. A good helmet will protect the most important part of your body – your brain.

The type that is growing in popularity is the safety mesh helmet. This mesh style cover is a very good thing to wear while biking. It is very comfortable to wear and it helps to keep the weather off of the child’s head while riding.

Other bicycle accessories for kids include bike covers, especially the rear ones. The cover protects the back of the child’s bicycle from the weather and from things like bugs, rain, and rocks that might otherwise knock it down. Specialized bicycle accessories for kids, such as bottle cages are designed to be extremely lightweight. They come in carbon fibre, polycarbonate, and other materials, and they are designed to be extremely durable. Bottle cages can suddenly become a heavy item to carry if you are riding on rough terrain often, so they are lighter than the regular steel ones. They are also surprisingly sturdy, which is one of the reasons why they are used by more advanced riders.

Popular Brands

If you are planning to buy new bicycle accessories for kids, consider what their needs are. Do they want all the fancy new bicycle accessories? Is there room in their budget to buy the gear that looks great but doesn’t add anything to the safety of the bicycle? Is their age something else that needs to be considered when buying accessories? Once you know what your kid wants, you can start looking for the right products.

bicycle accessories

Another name brand of bicycle accessories for kids that are growing in popularity is the Bell Trigger Spokes. The Spokes comes in two different styles: the grey handlebar bag and the blue wheel speed bicycle accessories for kids. The two styles are designed to work well with each other and allow both boys and girls to take their helmets off and attach the handlebar bags. The mesh bag has large openings to accommodate a child’s head, as well as clear windows for ventilation. In addition, the Bell Trigger Spokes is made with polyurethane, making them sturdy and durable.

When talking about brand names for bicycle accessories for kids, there is a brand name that is relatively new on the scene, but one that is growing in popularity. That brand is the Spoke Life! The manufacturer of Spoke Life! brand is the same company that makes the Bell Trigger bicycle frame and handlebar bags. The manufacturer of the Spoke Life!

Even though there are many other manufacturers of bicycle accessories for kids, this is a brand name that will stick around for a while. That’s because of the Spokes Life! The company takes pride in their products and strives to make sure they are perfect. The company strives to make products that solve a problem while allowing the child to have fun and participate in sports.