Bicycle Helmets – How Good Are They?

bicycle helmet

Whether you are cycling on your local street or commuting to work in your metropolis bicycle helmets are a necessary accessory. While the usual excuse is that most bikers are riding too slowly for anything to occur, it is very important to know that wearing a bicycle helmet can lessen the likelihood of serious head injury for most bicycle riders by up to fifty per cent. A bicycle helmet is not like a baseball cap that’s meant to be tossed aside after a game or worn during traffic. You should be wearing a helmet every time you leave home for any length of time.

Bicycle helmets that you can purchase are numerous and you have to know which one will be best for you. Many studies have been conducted to test the best helmet for cycling and these studies have proven there are several types of bicycle helmets that are considered the best. Bicycle helmets, while protective, should also fit well and not be too tight or loose. Some designs are made for women and some are designed for men but most cycling helmets nowadays are made for both genders. These cycling helmets are made to protect your head from various road debris and collisions with other road users, like cars and trucks.

Safety Rating

The three main helmet safety rating systems are certified by the Department of Transportation. These are the safety helmets certified by the CPSC, which stands for the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Another is the Snell Memorial Foundation, which tests and inspects every helmet before they are sold. They rate helmets on a scale of one to ten for safety. One is the lowest and ten is the highest.

When choosing a bicycle helmet, you must choose one that fits comfortably as this will keep your head safe even if you feel the coldest part of your body when wearing the helmet. The helmet’s fit system should fit snugly without spilling down over your chin and neck. When choosing a helmet that does not fit correctly, you can always consult a friend or family member to help you.

Other Features

A spherical or ventilated bicycle helmet allows a reasonable amount of ventilation when worn. The vents are usually located at the rear of the headgear. .

bicycle helmet

The best feature of the MIPS spherical bicycle helmet is its fit system. Most of these helmets have large vents that are located in the rear of the helmets. If there is not a proper fit system, your head will get overheated because it cannot breathe properly. The vents allow air inside and keep you cool.

Best Helmets

The Fox Racing Team road helmet is one of the best helmets on the market today. The helmet features three vents along with the bigger eps vents in the back. These vents give a lot of airflow to the rider and keep his or her head cool during a high-speed ride.

Epping my heated windshield is also a feature of the Fox Racing Team road bike helmets. This allows me to enjoy cycling even more without getting too hot. I still want to get the same amount of ventilation that I would get from the vents in my cycling jacket. But since the vents are located on the sides of my head, I can’t see them very well when I’m cycling. This is why my head tends to fog up during a ride. I think that the Epping visor is a great feature because it keeps my head nice and cool during a great cycling trip.

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