Start Your Own Bicycle Repair Business

bicycle repair

A bicycle repair shop can often be a good source of secondary income for those who are skilled with their hands and passionate about bicycles. But quickly changing technological trends and rapidly increasing population demands will require even more business owners to carefully plan to survive. A bicycle repair guide can be an invaluable asset when it comes to establishing a business in this field. For those who have the entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to work with others, a bicycle repair station can offer much-needed business opportunities and a solid place to start on the road to success.


To be successful, you must educate yourself first. It doesn’t hurt, to begin with, basic bicycle repair knowledge and then branch out from there as your business grows. If you’re just starting with no experience, try to pick up a few of the simple tools that you’ll need for bicycle repair as you go along. Some of the most common repair jobs include changing flat tires, installing new tires, replacing tubes and chains, and assembling components (tires, chains, etc. ).

Once you’ve learned enough about bicycle repair, you can take what you’ve learned and ventured out on your own. There are plenty of opportunities for people with bicycle repair skills and a love for riding to start small and expand their business with small start-up budgets. Many cities have bicycle repair shops that are open twenty-four hours a day and are happy to help local cyclists with simple maintenance tasks that can be frustrating without professional mechanics. It can also be advantageous to do some freelance work at first, such as testing bicycle tires. Once you build up a reputation, you can branch out into more complex repairs and more mainstream business opportunities.

Developing Skills

If you want to take your bicycle repair skills to the next level, there is another option. You can find many online courses that will teach you how to repair bikes. These programs range from the fairly cheap and quick E-Book “How to Fix Your Own Bike” to a much more comprehensive and expensive professional course length program. Before committing to any course length, it’s important to check out the program length and see if it’s the best choice for you.

bicycle repair

Basic knowledge of bicycle repair is always beneficial no matter what your experience. A great place to learn about basic repairs is the “Barnett bicycle Institute”. The entire program is designed around repair skills. While the subject matter may seem a little specialized, the curriculum is designed with the novice in mind. With classes offered both in the United States and internationally, the Barnett bicycle institute has earned worldwide recognition.

For a nominal fee, students can learn to repair bicycles. For those who do not feel comfortable learning to repair their bicycle, a more expensive option is provided at the American Motorcyclist Association’s website. With a more comprehensive approach, the program provides information and videos on many topics relating to bicycle repair skills. Many of the videos are available for free as well, but additional training may be required.

There are many resources available online to help you find a way to start your bicycle repair services. If you have the ability and some entrepreneurial spirit, you could offer mobile bicycle repair services to individuals or companies for a fee. You may also offer on-site bicycle repair services at events or local community events. With a little research and a determined attitude, it is possible to open your own bicycle repair business and enjoy a successful career.

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