About Us

Making cycling easy

  • Available from 7:30am to 6pm 7 days (daylight permitting)
  • Flexible Management (can tailor the ride to suit your group and your schedule)
  • Payment terms and conditions – payment acceptable prior to ride, on day of hire or on invoice following the activity (cash, cheque, m/card, VISA or Electronic Funds Transfer)

Why Mr Spokes Is So Great

  • Rates from $11 per student for one hour ride (minimum 15 students)
  • Easy parking for coaches, in the middle of Canberra’s attractions
  • All weather outdoor area for convening
  • Public toilets, kiosk with fine coffee, gelato and refreshments
  • New mountain bikes with gears and padded seats
  • Free water
  • All groups can be accompanied by experienced staff member
  • Risk Management Plan available
  • Available 7 days, bookings essential